Shack and Fence

1 March 2007 / Casco HQ

The interior of Casco’s new space is designed by the Berlin-based architects ifau (institute for applied urbanism) and Jesko Fezer, with two wooden structures, titled Shack and Fence

Since 1998 ifau has worked as a group of architects in several interdisciplinary constellations, and have worked on a number of commissions in collaboration with architect Jesko Fezer, who is a co-editor of the Berlin-based magazine AnArchitektur, and partner in Pro qm, Berlin’s renowned bookstore. Their work includes architectural and urban design, research projects, installations and events in the urban context. All of their projects aim to involve and inscribe contextual processes, urban difference and diversity creating space for negotiation in the design. Flexibility and specificity are characteristics of the generated models, architecture is formed by negotiation or for negotiation to enhance the practical value of its everyday performance. 

Shack and Fence promotes and provokes different possibilities of appropriation. As a setting it divides the new Casco space into several distinct areas without specializing their function, allowing different forms of use according to changing concepts and social situations. The shack serves as an office as well as a space for exhibitions, video screenings or talks. The fence is conceived to gather around, sit and lean on it, serving also as a display for handouts or books. It works as an anchor for the office if set up in the front part of the room. Both structures are made of wood to allow any kind of easy adaptation, the treatment of the material follows styles and standards known from libraries, playschools or other common “social architecture.”

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