Travelling Farm Museum Digital Depot

An open source and collectively designed website functions as a digital depot of the Travelling Farm Museum. Because of corona restrictions hampering visits to the physical depot space, this online space came to life, where Leidsche Rijn neighbors are continuously invited to reflect on questions such as:

Which skills and stories are rooted in this land, its agricultural past and presence as a suburb?
What can we learn from those skills and stories for our future?

The digital Depot has emerged out of a collaboration between The Outsiders Union and a Public Engagement initiative at Utrecht University (Department of Media and Culture Studies). The Public Engagement initiative was developed by Corelia Baibarac-Duignan and Nanna Verhoeff, from the Urban Interfaces research group. 

This activity is part of:

A participatory mobile museum exploring agricultural heritage in urban areas to cultivate knowledge and skills for ecological, resilient living.

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