Travelling Farm Museum Grand Tour

2 July 2022, 12:00/14:00–17:00 / Casco HQ & Leidsche Rijn
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On Utrecht’s open garden’s day, Travelling Farm Museum of Forgotten Skills takes you on a tour of the tours, namely a grand tour towards a selection of farm initiatives in Leidsche Rijn it has visited for the last two years. It’s an opportunity to begin to explore the agricultural past and future of Leidsche Rijn and beyond, especially if you have not joined the tours yet, or to catch up with what you have missed!

Cycling is an essential part of the tour. Yet, when it is not convenient to cycle, please let us know when you make a reservation. We would guide you and provide other forms of access.

The Grand Tour offers two different ways to join – a short and a long route. The former includes an additional exhibition visit and Sin Wah Lai’s performance. Both will head to Leidsche Rijn where along the way stops include Buurttuin Johanniterveld, Moestuin de Haar and Voedselbos Haarzuilens. Full information below.

Long route 
Gathering at and departing from Casco Art Institute at 12:00
Total duration: 5 hours
With a special contribution by artist Sin Wah Lai from Mutual Support Platform

The tour fellows would be offered snacks and drinks at Casco: However, you are encouraged to bring your own to accompany you for the entire journey!

With this route, you can visit the exhibition as well as have a special poetic, meditative experience guided by Sin Wah Lai with her installation entitled Presenscape, which she describes as a mindful art practice exploring movement & shadows. After this, the tour continues in Leidsche Rijn.

Short route
Gathering at and departing from the TFM depot (Hof van Bern 33, Leidsche Rijn Centrum, Utrecht) at 14:00
Total duration: 3 hours
Including visits to Buurttuin Johanniterveld, Moestuin de Haar andVoedselbos Haarzuilens

Like with every other tour, after departing from the TFM depot, we will enter the urban-rural landscape, and visit several friends in the neighbourhood. The first stop will be at a nearby community garden called Buurttuin Johanniterveld. This is a volunteer-run garden that’s taken care of by neighbors and acts as an educational site for the school next door. 

We continue travelling towards the western front parts of the neighborhood, towards Haarzuilens, and our second stop will take place at Moestuin de Haar. Around the corner, we find our third stop, the food forest Voedselbos Haarzuilens. Leased for 25 years, this is a plot of land where a diverse array of edible plants and flowers have been growing under the care of a collective now for the past 2 years. Afterwards, we return to the Depot to close with drinks.

Please note that depending on the weather and the group condition, the trajectory is subject to change: also the TFM tour program continues through the summer.

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A European level cooperation project of workshops, residencies, and publishing for researching and promoting resilient cultural practices and tools.

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