Travelling Farm Museum of Forgotten Skills 2022 Spring Collection

28 May–10 July 2022
Admission is free, Thursday–Sunday 12:00–18:00. Please visit our access note.
Opening: 28 May 2022, 15:00 at Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons (Lange Nieuwstraat 7, Utrecht)

Travelling Farm Museum of Forgotten Skills (TFM) was established by Casco Art Institute and The Outsiders in 2020 after our joint initiative to enliven and common a dysfunctional farmhouse in Utrecht’s Leidsche Rijn with multiple self-initiated activities of caring, learning and sharing. Once a vast, peripheral farmland providing food to the region, Leidsche Rijn is now occupied by housing blocks and over forty-thousand human inhabitants. Deprived of its surrounding farmland, the farmhouse reactivated by The Outsiders, Casco and many other neighbours and friends was eventually sold to a private developer and repurposed as a restaurant. 

Yet our commoning journey has continued, in the same way one of our initial questions – ‘’do we know where our food comes from?’’ – remains ever more relevant. Departing from the farmhouse, Casco Art Institute and The Outsiders started travelling in the region and actively explored the agricultural past and present. We started connecting with old and new farming initiatives across Leidsche Rijn, creating the possibility to un/learn and share forgotten skills of living together with nature. The Museum architecture is a mobile vehicle that merges into its environment as it travels. It is a tangible repository for a growing collection of objects, knowledge, skills, and stories. Above all, it is a repository for the TFM’s relationships between farmers, citizens, artists and non-human beings.

Travelling Farm Museum of Forgotten Skills 2022 Spring Collection is the first collection-exhibition of the museum held at Casco Art Institute. Here, we are metaphorically and literally spring cleaning – sorting out “things” stocked not only in the depot of TFM but also in the minds of many who were part of the journey of the museum. The exhibition “re-collects” what resources and relationships have been cultivated over two special years – coinciding with the pandemic – and shares these resources and relationships with a wider public. 

The exhibition-collection presents cultural tools for resilient living in times of multifaceted crises with a focus on the commons, ecology, and heritage. Among the tools presented is a series of folding screens that function as a central weaver of re-collections. In East Asian cultural traditions, the folding screen often depicts nature and written literature. Serving multiple purposes, the folding screen may be used to exhibit, divide a room, or shelter against the wind. In the context of the TFM, the screen also re-presents what was seen and experienced in various farms or farm-related initiatives in the surroundings of Leidsche Rijn that the Museum travelled to – unfolding some of memory and stories from the journey. 

The exhibition-collection also launches the Travelling Farm Museum of Forgotten Skills’ regular tour program that runs through August. Visitors are cordially invited to join the tour to experience and learn from the Museum. These tours allow us to get in touch with a territory beyond the urban grid, where ecological ways of living together are practiced.


Conceived with The Outsiders (Txell Blanco, Asia Komarova, Leonardo Siqueira and Merel Zwarts) & friends Anna Dupont-Crabtree, Avan Omar, Britt Dorenbosch & Manne Heijman, Maxim Yesodharan, and Kim van der Zijde, and other exhibiting artists including: Charli Herrington, Iliada Charalambous, Jolanda Schouten, Joélson Buggilla & Jorge Menna Barreto, P-K-K-P (Karen Vantvelt & Parvaneh Karimi), Weaving Realities (Aldo Esparza Ramos and Yuchen Li) in collaboration with Suumil Móokt’aan collective (Valiana Aguilar) and Renee Bonte.

Organized in the framework of Culture for Resilience (C4R), a collective project in partnership with atelier d’architecture autogeree (Paris), (Bucharest), NetHood (Zurich) financially supported by European Union Creative Europe.

In collaboration with Arts Collaboratory (especially, Food and Climate Justice Participatory Fund, and Theatre 705), DAI 2021–2022 Study Group on food commons, Jan van Eyck Academie, Mutual Support Platform of MAFA HKU, and all Leidsche Rijn’s initiatives, organizations and individuals who have been part of the tour program of Travelling Farm Museum of Forgotten Skills.

Exhibition team from the Casco Art Institute including: Binna Choi, Kihyun Park, Marianna Takou, curation and organization; Sophia Park, curatorial support; Luke Cohlen, communication; Victoire Raffy, communication support; Erik Uitenbogaard, financial administration; Leana Boven, general support.

Special thanks to: Jeonhwan Cho, Donghwan Kam, folding screens; Het Ma:dang, advice; David Bennewith, design; Clementine Edwards, Rosa Paardenkooper, editorial; Martha Miari, yourfriendkas, Etta Harkness Bartholdi, production support; Nonzuzo Gxekwa, photo documentation.

The activities and program by Casco Art Institute is funded by the City Council Utrecht and DOEN foundation via Arts Collaboratory.

This activity is part of:

A European level cooperation project of workshops, residencies, and publishing for researching and promoting resilient cultural practices and tools.

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