Play the City: Food Game 2022

3 December 2022, 13:00 / Boer Goes (Groenedijk 8, De Meern)
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Language: Dutch (English translation available)

Our food system is complex. It is composed of different chains that often span large portions of the world. But what role do local parties such as the farmer around the corner and yourself play in this system? How can we improve it together?

The Outsiders (the artist collective behind Travelling Farm Museum of Forgotten Skills) invite farmers, neighbors and food experts, including you, to participate in the second game session of the Food Game developed by Play the City. This event enables collaborative conversations about how regional, sustainable and healthy food could be organized in Leidsche Rijn in the coming years. To accelerate the food transition, your knowledge and experience during this game session is of great importance.


The game was commissioned by Casco Art Institute: Working for Commons and The Outsiders as part of the multi-year program Travelling Farm Museum of Forgotten Skills, a participatory museum exploring the Leidsche Rijns agro-ecological history, present and future. Supported by LEADER: European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

This activity is part of:

On the relationship between the city and the countryside, and about the role that art and artists can play in this context.

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