Whole Earth Catalog One Day Exhibition and Panel Discussion

7 January 2014, 19:30–21:30 / Arnhem
Tuesday 7 January 2014, 19:30–21:30 hrs, Panel Discussion with David Senior, Nienke Terpsma, and others, Dutch Art Institute (Kortestraat 27, Arnhem) 

Together with the Dutch Art Institute, we warmly invite you to greet the New Year with a public panel discussion featuring Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York bibliographer David Senior and Nienke Terpsma, editor of the traveling artists’ magazine Fucking Good Art (FGA) with responses from Jan Dirk de Wilde of Nijmegen’s Extrapool in Nijmegen and Amsterdam-based printer Sander Janzweert. 

“In many exceptional and wide-ranging serial projects of the 1960s and 1970s, such as Archigram, Aspen, or the Whole Earth Catalog, we have this idea of the serial publication as a broadcast device, a new media tool. Artists and designers of that era consistently seized on various means of new, cheap printing, production, and distribution to make their own little spaces for the dispersal of ideas, images, and materials. To self-publish, to decentralize production of print media, created a new type of printed object, one in which artists and designers bent the rules, played with conventions of the format, and created new containers for communication.”  

– David Senior  

As a fellow broadcaster (in Senior’s sense of the word) Terpsma speaks on FGA’s methods and how they relate to the self-publishing modalities that gained prominence in the 1970s, when, for example, the anarchist and squatting culture in the Netherlands was given voice through riso-printing, a technique widely appropriated by artists, designers, musicians, and students today. In exploring the Whole Earth Catalog (WEC), Senior offers in-depth commentary on this terrain, discussing his exhibition at MoMA, Access to Tools: Pub­lic­a­tions from the Whole Earth Catalog, 1968-1974. Senior also recounts, among other magazine-oriented projects, last year’s WEC-inspired exhibition at Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin, and the presentation at MoMA of artists’ magazines published since 2000, Millennium Magazines.  

Whole Earth Catalog one-day exhibition 

Casco’s small collection of Whole Earth Catalogs is on display during the discussion. Bring along your own copy if you have one for comparison and potentially to loan to the traveling display, which is on view at the DAI, Casco, and the Rietveld library. Contact Yolande van der Heide for more information. 


Tuesday 7–Friday 10 January Publishing Class portable bookshelf  

A mobile bookshelf (design by Mathew Kneebone/ Werkplaats Typografie) travels to the DAI, an AICA event at the Stedelijk Museum, Print Room, The Rietveld Library, San Serriffe Amsterdam, and Casco. Visit these locations to find out!


Organized by Casco for Publishing Class, an imprint of DAI Publications, a collection of artists’ books jointly published by the Dutch Art Institute (DAI) and Casco – Office for Art, Design and Theory in collaboration with the Werkplaats Typografie.

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