Workable Geographies

6 November 2021–20 January 2022
The opening takes place on 6 November 2021 and the exhibition is on view through 20 January 2022.
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Casco Art Institute in partnership with Hartwig Art Production | Collection Fund 2020/2021 is proud to present Workable Geographies by artist and architect Ola Hassanain, an ongoing artistic research project that focuses on the relationship to land in Khartoum (the capital city of Sudan) and elsewhere. Hassanain visualizes data and conversations through maps and architectural forms in effort to capture the dynamic complexity of the built environment as an extension of human ecology.

At the center of the exhibition, a large mixed media installation composed of transparent acrylic columns, images, text, and sound serves as a terrain to map and analyze information gathered from research and dialogue with collaborators like Studio Urban, a Khartoum-based research studio focused on city life. Workable Geographies intends to channel and generate local and national conversations about land use, environmental justice, sustainable economic prosperity, democratic civic engagement, and relationships to physical space and place.

Ola Hassanain’s work focuses on how we can summon subjectivities to exist together outside state forces that cause displacement, and which regulate and hold the coding for the reality of lived life. In this project, sensing what we cannot confirm is tangible and a way of perceiving that might allow us to imagine futures that are lived differently. Hassanain proposes that we read across material collected about the ground we stand on, enclosures we inhabit, and specifically, what that could say about urbanity under the political climate in Khartoum.

Hassanain and her interdisciplinary collaborators and partners gather information and material through the use of the design methodology of “charreting” for their collective work in order to generate visions for the future. Charreting is an intense period of design or planning together using semantic analysis and brainstorming techniques. Hassanain’s Workable Geographies coalesces with Casco’s recurring inquiry into property relations and private/public dynamics, proposing an imagination and sense of the commons and commoning practice. 

Image description: a solid background featuring the words ”There, is the city. And here, are my hands…”. Credit: Ola Hassanain, design, 2021.


Ola Hassanain, artist
Studio Urban, collaborator

Michael Klinkenberg, Thomas de Kroon, Hannah van der Schaaf, Bram Kuypers, Emiel Vanhove, Kasper Van Moll, exhibition construction team

Ariadne Sergoulopoulou, Jonny Mehrez, Norbert Kovács, Leonardo Siqueira, Olga Maroudi, niet normaal*, exhibition build up volunteers

Olivier (Aro AndersTaxi), transportation

Yota Tselenti, Martha Miari, Rita Westwood, Jody Metcalfe, opening program volunteers

Sun Chang, Sandwich Stories, Shakeela Martinus from Caribbean Ice Cream factory, opening program catering

Norbert Kovács, Taliet Marsman, Martha Miari, Jonny Mehrez, Ariadne Sergoulopoulou, Leonardo Siqueira, Lux Sauer, Jody Metcalfe, Maria Sujecka, Rita Westwood, Olga Maroudi, hosts

Faisol Subroto (IMWU), cleaning

David Bennewith /, graphic identity

Janine Armin, English editor
Rosa Paardenkooper, translation

Aude Christel Mgba, Hartwig Art Production | Collection Fund curator

Casco Art Institute core team:
Binna Choi, director
Erik Uitenbogaard, head of diverse economies
Staci Bu Shea, curator
Leana Boven, assistant curator
Marianna Takou, producer
Luke Cohlen, communication, website, & campaign

The Hartwig Art Production | Collection Fund was established in 2020 and is part of the Hartwig Art Foundation.

The Hartwig Art Production | Collection Fund stimulates experimentation and creativity at the highest level. Every year the fund supports a group of artists in the creation of new and ambitious work. The artworks are eventually bought by the Hartwig Art Foundation and donated to the Dutch State (Collectie Nederland). In this way, the fund makes a lasting social contribution.

For the Special Project 2020/21 collaborations have been established with presentation institutions in the Netherlands. Besides Casco Art Institute (Utrecht), presentations by a total of 15 artists can be seen at Stroom Den Haag, Oude Kerk (Amsterdam), Vleeshal (Middelburg), and Kunstinstituut Melly (Rotterdam). Hartwig Art Production | Collection Fund 2020/21 at large is curated by Sharmyn Cruz Rivera, Iris Ferrer, Aude Christel Mgba, Jo-Lene Ong, and Rita Ouédraogo. Find more information at:

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