Future Park I – Teach Me to Disappear

29 August–3 October 2010 / Casco HQOpening 28 August, 17:00 hrs Paul Elliman is an inquisitive collector and researcher of the various unclaimed languages and signs that may unintentionally and consequently form from man-made industrial and post-industrial systems. This includes the transformation of found industrial debris – the “ruins of empire” as Elliman refers to […]

Commoning Accessibility

Image description: A leaf-life shape filled with fluorescent green textile texture. A mountainous shape with a collage resembling mossy textures with a white haze painting over it. Above this shape floats a small pearl bubble. In the background there is an image of a brown hand touching someone's back who is wearing a green jacket, and has a pink plastic flower in their hair. On the other side there is an inverted black and white image of two hands gestures the sign *now" in Black American Sign Language.

05 May 2022 / OnlineLanguage: English and Dutch We are excited to share Commoning Accessibility – information and tips on grassroots, mixed-ability accessibility organizing, assembled and written by Staci Bu Shea (with many, many others), design and images by Lotte Lara Schröder. Find the full document (design and plain text) as well as audio-recordings on […]

Re-opening event: Marshall Amp Fire

2 March 2007 / Casco HQ Casco opened its new space on the Nieuwekade with ‘Marshall Amp Fire’, an event by Jan St Werner of Mouse on Mars.   St Werner adapted electric harmoniums to create a subtle continuous sound that is every now and again disrupted by other noises that were recorded in the space, […]

The Free Jazz Dancers from Nowhere

29 October 2005, 19:00 / Casco HQ Starship is not only an art magazine published since 1998 in Berlin and edited by artists Martin Ebner, Hans Christian Dany, and Ariane Muller. Starship understands itself as a dynamic process of definition and redefinition of what it means to publish in the field called art. To date […]

Four Easy Pieces: No. 2 A Dead Sentence Here and Abroad

11 September 2004 / Casco HQ No. 2  A Dead Sentence Here and Abroad  by Bernadette Corporation  11 September 2004, 17:00-20:00   On the third anniversary of Kapitalismus Suicide, Casco is excited to announce a voices-of-free-style-experience & eclectic sounds listening party for:   A Dead Sentence Here and Abroad spoken word CD by Bernadette Corporation & Friends dedicated to exploring […]

Refugees and Migrant Workers Are Here

19 december 2015, 18:00–22:30 / Casco HQ We Are Here Cooperative (WAH), the Indonesian Migrant Workers Union (IMWU), Doorbraak and Casco – Office for Art, Design and Theory present Refugees and Migrant Workers Are Here. On Saturday 19 December, we invite you to this benefit and event where we shed light on two amazing projects […]

Verbal description tours of our Autumn exhibitions

Image description: a detail of Glenda Martinus’s intricate carnival miniatures made from recycled materials, while members of Family Connection view through video call. Credit: Bart Leguijt, photo, 2021.

As part of our efforts to increase our accessibility, we are pleased to provide verbal description tours of our current four exhibitions. Verbal description tours are a point of access for blind and partially sighted visitors of our exhibitions, and accessible for anyone who is not able to make a visit to our location. These […]

Travelling Farm Museum Podcast

In this podcast series, artist collective The Outsiders takes you on a voyage of discovery along remnants and new developments in the field of ecology, agriculture and heritage in and around Leidsche Rijn, Utrecht. A place where merely 30 years ago the cows were still grazing in the pasture, we now find the largest Vinex […]

Song / Value, Channel 1: Live Concerts online

Image description: Mira Thompson holding a microphone in front of a sunset sky with captioned audio description that says [Piano tickles like fingertips down your back].

15 October 2020–11 February 2021 / Casco HQ & online Common Grounds: Song / Value presents three concerts exclusively online by musicians that embrace the poetic and political within their work. Each concert streams from Casco’s YouTube channel and includes live captioning of lyrics and music descriptions. Each musician selected a song which they would […]