Annual Assembly: We Owe Each Other Everything (2020)

Image description: a screenshot of the Assembly videoconference with a large number of people behind their screens.

When there is never enough time and survival is uncertain, how do collective art practices continue their ways of being together and shape art institutions working for the commons? (1) Our values must shift from individualism to community and collectivism, from hierarchy to sharing power and wealth, and from products and profits to people and […]

Annual Assembly: Our House is on Fire (2019)

What practical measures will art and art institutions take to care for our planetary commons with the power of imagination? The urgent assertion that “our house is on fire” (1) inspired children and youth from all over the world to go on strike and advocate for “climate justice.” Yet this assertion meets some complication. Many […]

Annual Assembly: Elephants in the Room (2018)

The inaugural 2018 edition of the Assembly, entitled Elephants in the Room, focuses on processes of unlearning and on art organizations as sites for unlearning. The assembly will focus on the question: “Within the context of the commons, how does art institutional change relate to unlearning, particularly with regards to redistribution of power?”  The Assembly will draw from the […]

Travelling Farm Museum Digital Depot

Image description: screenshot from the digital depot website.

An open source and collectively designed website functions as a digital depot of the Travelling Farm Museum. Because of corona restrictions hampering visits to the physical depot space, this online space came to life, where Leidsche Rijn neighbors are continuously invited to reflect on questions such as: Which skills and stories are rooted in this […]

Travelling Farm Museum Depot

Image Description: Three people are sitting on chairs outside the depot in the Terwijde Winkelcentrum, they are surrounded by plants and pots that come from the plant farm Stekkers, and that can be bought directly from the depot.

In the beginning of 2020 an opportunity arose to inhabit another location in the neighborhood. While the farmhouse was already sold to a commercial developer and we observed the first signs of its transformation, an empty store space in the shopping center of Terwijde winkelcentrum surrounding the farmhouse was offered to the Travelling Farm Museum […]

Artist-tenant meetings

As part of the Common Grounds temporary studio offer, we asked the artist tenants to look closely at the findings and outcomes of Common Grounds so far, and to imagine together with us the future-use of this place in light of commoning through collective online meetings. This meant thinking of the future of what a […]

Song / Value, Channel 2: Backstage at Casco

Making the Casco’s office into the stage for the live concert, the first-floor exhibition space is transformed into Casco’s “backstage” – the location of the team’s daily work and archival reorganization. Every Wednesday during this project at our headquarters, we invite you to come over and experience our archiving process, as well as a tour […]