Platform BK Solidarity Camp

22–24 September / Casco HQThe event is free and open to Platform BK members, costs €10 for non-members and €5 for students.Register via  How to convince a museum to abandon fossil industry sponsoring? How to take action against gentrification in your neighborhood as a cultural worker? How to you write a good open letter? […]

COHAB Launch 

11 October 2013 / Various locations The project consists of a series of four “keynote” artists’ productions; local “action research” projects led by each organization involving artist’s projects that will be developed with the participation of communities who share the concerns of the project.   It also connects with the activities of Cluster, a wider network […]

Army of Love Open Call

11–14 October 2017 / Utrecht Army of Love Army of Love, initiated by writer Ingo Niermann and further heralded by artist Dora García, is a project cum supergroup of diverse practitioners that aim for an intimate completion of justice. It’s because even in a society where there is access to basic needs, commodities, and structures, […]

Army of Love nighttime program for all

11–14 October 2017 / UtrechtSee the details below and RSVP for each event individually. Special note that the events take place at ZIMIHC Theater Wittevrouwen and Parnassos Cultuurcentrum because they are on-grade, wheelchair-accessible spaces. Hope to see you there! The Army of Love training camp takes place from Wednesday 11 October to Saturday 14 October […]

Warm farewell to WTM

7 March, 10:00–13 March 2016, 18:00 The final week of the We Are the Time Machines: Time and Tools for Commoning (WTM) exhibition and study program is full of common (when public, noted below) moments for study and other activities in concert with the last energized sixteen weeks. Please have a glimpse – “we are […]

Entanglement: Diagrams for the commons

27–28 February 2015 / Casco HQ The program is free, but reservations are necessary for the lectures and/or workshop. What if you imagine yourself not as a dot to be tracked, but as a line that continuously passes through, connects, overlaps, and entangles with others? That you are part of myriad shifting diagrams which give […]

Annual Assembly: We Owe Each Other Everything (2020)

Image description: a screenshot of the Assembly videoconference with a large number of people behind their screens.

11–12 December 2020 / Casco HQ When there is never enough time and survival is uncertain, how do collective art practices continue their ways of being together and shape art institutions working for the commons? (1) Our values must shift from individualism to community and collectivism, from hierarchy to sharing power and wealth, and from […]

Annual Assembly: Our House is on Fire (2019)

What practical measures will art and art institutions take to care for our planetary commons with the power of imagination? The urgent assertion that “our house is on fire” (1) inspired children and youth from all over the world to go on strike and advocate for “climate justice.” Yet this assertion meets some complication. Many […]

Annual Assembly: Elephants in the Room (2018)

The inaugural 2018 edition of the Assembly, entitled Elephants in the Room, focuses on processes of unlearning and on art organizations as sites for unlearning. The assembly will focus on the question: “Within the context of the commons, how does art institutional change relate to unlearning, particularly with regards to redistribution of power?”  The Assembly will draw from the […]