Phase one of the Office Gallery

9 June 2018 / Casco HQ Office Gallery is conceived of in collaboration with Falke Pisano and Riet Wijnen The tables by Falke Pisano and Riet Wijnen are produced with the support from the Rijksakademie, with special thanks to Stephan Kuderna, Alice Héron, and Seamus Crater. Statement One: Exchange Value

Shack and Fence

1 March 2007 / Casco HQ The interior of Casco’s new space is designed by the Berlin-based architects ifau (institute for applied urbanism) and Jesko Fezer, with two wooden structures, titled Shack and Fence.  Since 1998 ifau has worked as a group of architects in several interdisciplinary constellations, and have worked on a number of […]

Office/Play Facilities by Nils Norman

31 August 2013–31 March 2014 / Casco HQPlease note the change of our opening hours: from Tuesday to Saturday, 12:00–18:00 hrs and by appointment. Our current space – or “office” – is being transformed in collaboration with artist Nils Norman.   In place and in memory of our former grid structure by architects ifau and Jesko […]

New Habits Design of Office, Library, Assembly Hall and Exhibition Spaces

1 May 2014 / Casco HQ Casco’s first building was a storefront on Oudegracht, a busy commercial street in Utrecht. In January 2007, Casco moved to the Nieuwekade on the edge of the city center with a moderately bigger space. The interior structure was designed by Berlin-based designers ifau (institute for applied urbanism) and Jesko […]