Song / Value, Channel 1: Live Concerts online

Image description: Mira Thompson holding a microphone in front of a sunset sky with captioned audio description that says [Piano tickles like fingertips down your back].

15 October 2020–11 February 2021 / Casco HQ & online Common Grounds: Song / Value presents three concerts exclusively online by musicians that embrace the poetic and political within their work. Each concert streams from Casco’s YouTube channel and includes live captioning of lyrics and music descriptions. Each musician selected a song which they would […]

Story / Heritage, Chapter 3: How Heavy is Time?

5 June 2020 / Casco HQ & online A new performance by Kanitha Tith marks the beginning of Chapter 3: How Heavy is Time? – a chapter engaging more actively in tools and resources for considering the future use of our building as a site for commoning. As many ask what the structures of art […]

Story / Heritage, Chapter 2: The irresistible shade of the vine

Image description: Jumana Emil Abboud smiles in front of a wall filled with pictures and photographs.

30 April 2020 / Online The second chapter of Common Grounds: Story / Heritage explores storytelling as a way to develop a connection to a place. There are memories that are not legible in the architecture or archive but can be remembered, shared, and imagined together in the present. Folklore, mythology, and gossip shape the […]