Enfleshed: Ecologies of Entities and Beings 

10 June 2023, 14:00–17:00 / Casco HQ With German Popov, Han Xiaohan, Kristiina Koskentola, Marjolein van der Loo, Müge Yilmaz, Nikolay Smirnov, Rick Dolphijn, and Zoenie Deng. We would like to warmly invite you to a gathering to celebrate and discuss the recently published book Enfleshed: Ecologies of Entities and Beings. Evolving from the multifaceted research exhibition Enfleshed–Elaborated (2020) […]

Seed of Memory by Weaving Realities

11 March 2023, 15:00–17:00 / Casco HQ We invite you to the launch event of the recipe booklet Seed of Memory by Weaving Realities Collective, who have been gathering and reenacting ancestral recipes since 2017. In this launch event, there will be a conversation and a short video about the recipes reenacted in this booklet. We would like […]

What is to be done?/Chto delat?

29 October 2005, 19:00 / Casco HQChto delat/What is to be done?, presentation by Dmitry Vilensky Chto delat/What is to be done? is a group of artists, philosophers and writers based in Petersburg, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, and Berlin. The English-Russian newspaper on issues central to poetics and politics today, with a special focus on the […]