Commoning Accessibility

Image description: A leaf-life shape filled with fluorescent green textile texture. A mountainous shape with a collage resembling mossy textures with a white haze painting over it. Above this shape floats a small pearl bubble. In the background there is an image of a brown hand touching someone's back who is wearing a green jacket, and has a pink plastic flower in their hair. On the other side there is an inverted black and white image of two hands gestures the sign *now" in Black American Sign Language.

05 May 2022 / OnlineLanguage: English and Dutch We are excited to share Commoning Accessibility – information and tips on grassroots, mixed-ability accessibility organizing, assembled and written by Staci Bu Shea (with many, many others), design and images by Lotte Lara Schröder. Find the full document (design and plain text) as well as audio-recordings on […]

Song / Value, Channel 3: Letter by post with Dear,

21 October 2020–21 February 2021 Together with Dear, an artist-led initiative by Martha Jager and Sophie de Serière, Casco functions as a messenger between writer and reader and distributes a lyrical letter by post each month. Using the traditional reach of the written letter, Dear, seeks to connect readers with poets, writers, and artists, establishing […]

Story / Heritage, Chapter 4: Abraham’s Maze

Image description: A pastel-coloured abstract drawing which represents Abraham's Doolhof (Abraham's Maze). Credit: Staci Bu Shea, drawing, 2020.

11 July 2020 / Online Arriving to the last chapter of Common Grounds: Story / Heritage, we return to the courtyard of our shared space in Utrecht. At the Abraham Dolehof we hear from a final character in the story, a voice previously hidden. Abraham’s Doolhof (Abraham’s Maze) by curator and writer Laura Herman and […]