Travelling Farm Museum Grand Tour

Image description: people walking in a summery allotment garden. Credit: Merel Zwarts, photo, 2021.

2 July 2022, 12:00/14:00–17:00 / Casco HQ & Leidsche RijnRSVP via tfmdepot@gmail.comFor other forms of access, send an email to the TFM team On Utrecht’s open garden’s day, Travelling Farm Museum of Forgotten Skills takes you on a tour of the tours, namely a grand tour towards a selection of farm initiatives in Leidsche Rijn […]

Travelling Farm Museum Tours 2022

4 June–20 August 2022, starting 14:00 on Saturdays / Hof van Bern 33, Leidsche Rijn, UtrechtRSVP via (mention your name and the tour)For other forms of access towards the sites, send an email to the TFM team This summer, for the third year in a row, the Travelling Farm Museum will be touring Leidsche […]

Publishing As Performance

21 June 2009, 14:00–18:00 / UtrechtBook launch of The Publications Project 2009 by the Dutch Art Institute Boat tours every 30 min. Limited seats. Reservation recommended ( For more information, please check our website or contact Delphine Bedel and Gabriëlle Schleijpen.  Succeeding the last year edition at Casco, we are happy to host the book launch event […]

Nothing is Closed – Lying Freely Part I

18 June–21 June 2009 / Utrecht Performance / Guided tour through the Rietveld Schröder House Daily from 14:45–16:00 on 18, 19, 20, 21 June 2009 Departure point: Centraal Museum (Nicolaaskerhof 10, Utrecht).  Reservation is necessary. Limited capacity. Free entrance. For your reservation, please contact Jakob van Stolk by email or call. Nothing Is Closed—Lying Freely Part I is a […]

A Possible Guide to Meeting Utrecht: (Self-Organized) Gathering Spots

25 February 2009 / Utrecht Casco – Office for Art, Design and Theory is pleased to invite you to a presentation of a new map of the city of Utrecht and a tour, drawn from a critical interpretation of the urban culture by a group of students from HKU (Natascha Boel, Kim Eggens, Nelleke van […]

Ideological Guide to the Venice Biennale 2013

29 May–30 June 2013 / Casco HQ Casco, e-flux and Kadist Art Foundation offer the possibility for artists and writers to travel to the 2013 Venice Biennale and to follow the Ideological Guide to the Venice Biennale 2013, a project by artist Jonas Staal.  The Ideological Guide to the Venice Biennale is a free iPhone […]


26 January–23 March 2013 / Derry–Londonderry The Grand Domestic Revolution GOES ON at the Centre for Contemporary Art Derry~Londonderry (CCA) (opening 26 January), in its new phase and new venue, developing further upon its previous iterations at The Showroom, London and Casco, Utrecht.   The Grand Domestic Revolution (GDR) is an ongoing “living research” project initiated […]


6 June–7 September 2014 / Malmö Having closed in Stockholm, the Grand Domestic Revolution GOES ON once again and takes its library with it — to Malmö! The library is a growing collection of over 200 books, documents, and films considered to be “revolutionary” tools concerning domestic labor, organizing, artistic and architectural methods of participation […]

Arts Collaboratory Assembly: Indonesia

19 May–25 May 2014 / Jakarta The Assembly brings together the 24 participating organizations of the network in Indonesia for a week-long series of encounters. It centers around a series of working groups addressing a variety of topics including crisis and post-crisis sites, alternative pedagogies, urban intervention, rewriting (art) histories in terms of organizational practices, […]

GDR GOES ON – Tensta

18 January 2014–18 May 2014 / Stockholm The Grand Domestic Revolution GOES ON to Tensta konsthall with its library! The library is a growing collection of over 200 books, documents, and films considered to be “revolutionary” tools concerning domestic labor, organizing, artistic and architectural methods of participation and cooperation, feminism, alternative economies, philosophical inquiries into […]

Travelling Farm Museum of Forgotten Skills – Public research phase 1

07 March–07 May 2020, 14:00–18:00 Join us for the first meeting of the public research phase of Travelling Farm Museum of Forgotten Skills. Always starting from Terwijde Farmhouse, Ella Fitzgeraldplein 5, near Terwijde Station and moving to different places in the neighborhood. Please make sure to bring a bike to move around easily.

Terwijde Farmhouse: open every weekend!

1 April–14 July 2018 / Leidsche Rijn Terwijde farmhouseLouis Armstrongboulevard 50, Utrecht(opposite Utrecht Terwijde Station, and in the middle of Terwijde shopping mall) Thursday – Saturday, 12:00–21:00Sunday, 12:00–18:00 The revitalization of the farmhouse is central to Erfgoed (Agricultural Heritage and Land Use). Erfgoed is the first project by Center for Ecological (Un)learning (CEU), a long-term […]

Special guided tours for the Day of Architecture

20 June 2015, 11:00–17:00 / Casco HQ Come celebrate architecture with us this Saturday during the Netherlands-wide Day of Architecture. Casco takes part in offering three special guided tours along with an informal roundtable discussion on the Dutch countryside. If you haven’t seen the exhibitions on view through 28 June by Fernando García-Dory (INLAND) and […]

The Common Sense bus tour

24 January 2015, 10:00–20:00 / Utrecht and Amsterdam Tickets are EUR 20 for adults and EUR 10 for students (inclusive of travel cost, lunch, drinks, entrance fee). Reservations are necessary. Join us at 18:00 hrs for a joint optional dinner at MOES, the bar and restaurant in the basement of de Appel. MOES offers a […]

Verbal description tours of our Autumn exhibitions

Image description: a detail of Glenda Martinus’s intricate carnival miniatures made from recycled materials, while members of Family Connection view through video call. Credit: Bart Leguijt, photo, 2021.

As part of our efforts to increase our accessibility, we are pleased to provide verbal description tours of our current four exhibitions. Verbal description tours are a point of access for blind and partially sighted visitors of our exhibitions, and accessible for anyone who is not able to make a visit to our location. These […]

Footnotes in Rubato exhibition tours

Image description: Staci Bu Shea and Binna Choi are standing on a platform inside of Casco's office space, giving a welcome speech to a room filled with people.

28 March–11 April 2019, 18:00–19:00Casco HQ Tour in Dutch: 28 March, 18:00 – 19:00 Tour in English: 11 April, 18:00 – 19:00  Participation is free, but please RSVP as places are limited. For more information on the exhibitions, your visit to Casco Art Institute and the accessibility of the building, visit the Access Note on the […]

Travelling Farm Museum Depot

In the beginning of 2020 an opportunity arose to inhabit another location in the neighborhood. While the farmhouse was already sold to a commercial developer and we observed the first signs of its transformation, an empty store space in the shopping center of Terwijde winkelcentrum surrounding the farmhouse was offered to the Travelling Farm Museum […]

Song / Value, Channel 2: Backstage at Casco

07 October–11 November 2020 / Casco HQReservations are required, please contact Making the Casco’s office into the stage for the live concert, the first-floor exhibition space is transformed into Casco’s “backstage” – the location of the team’s daily work and archival reorganization. Every Wednesday during this project at our headquarters, we invite you to […]