de Appel: Housewarming – Activations for a new location

Partner institution de Appel in Amsterdam recently relocated from creative grounds Lely in Nieuw-West to Tempel in Diamantbuurt due to renovation and gentrification plans in Nieuw-West. de Appel’s forthcoming emphasis centers on housing, grassroot (art) economy, and governance, with a focus on collectivization and land struggle. Land plays a critical role in confronting environmental crises, land grabbing, and affordable housing, especially within the framework of late capitalism that transforms land into a commodity. Across the globe, movements fight for free and fair access to land and its resources. Embracing like-minded practices to ours, de Appel invites artists whose work concerns this struggle and experiment with shared ownership and commons.

In the coming weeks, starting for the public on 7 March, their Housewarming program spanning the month will feature performances, screenings, and conversations, with artworks and traces remaining in the exhibition space. Artists and speakers include Alina Lupu, Francisca Khamis Giacoman, Jumana Emil Abboud, Marina Christodoulidou, and many others. Visit their website for the full schedule.

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