Leidsche Rijn Luistert in Loving Geopolitics Podcast

Erik Uitenbogaard, Head of Diverse Economies at Casco, is featured in the Loving Geopolitics podcast, elaborating on the Casco project Leidsche Rijn Luistert, a multi-year endeavor on the role of art and artists in bridging the gap between the city and the countryside. Erik invited two conversation partners to explore this reconnection: Merel Zwarts, artist from the collective the Outsiders and co-initiator of the project Leidsche Rijn Luistert, and Ella Derksen, co-founder of Casco and active in the commons-oriented Gemene Grond project through the municipality of Utrecht. The Loving Geopolitics Magazine is an initiative we connected with via Prof. Giep Hagoort.

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