GDR Digest & Futurist Writing School

20–27 February 2012 / Casco HQ
If you are interested in participation, please email us with your motivation by Friday, 10 February, 17:00. Contributors will be provided meals, accommodation and transport within the Netherlands and neighboring cities.


During the final week of the GDR project exhibition, Casco organizes GDR Digest, an extensive series of public occasions through a “digest” of its working methods and questions. It runs in parallel with GDR Futurist Writing School, a 7-day workshop calling for your collaboration on a futurist fiction novel imagining visible and invisible forms of living 20 years after The Grand Domestic Revolution. The backdrop for the stories are set against future manifestations of contemporary issues around social housing, regimes of work at home, property and value, and new social relations. Join in and imaginatively speculate on what a grand domestic revolution’s future trajectories could be by coordinating your week from Monday to Sunday with us! 


At the core of GDR’s “living research” process are cooperative ways of living and working that renegotiate and traverse new private and public binaries today. They are reflected in the formation or evolution of various project groups in GDR such as Ask! Actie Schone Kunsten, Extended Family, Our Autonomous Life?, Domestic Workers Netherlands (FNV) with Matthijs de Bruijne, and Read-in. These groups will give public presentations throughout the Digest week, as a way of offering their visions for the GDR Futurist Writing School. A variety of guests from the Netherlands and abroad – including participants from the Cluster network – will also join the week. 


Following on the rich history of feminist utopian and speculative fiction practices that conjured new relationships, languages and agencies for transgressing structural and invisible forces of subjugation, GDR Futurist Writing School invites you all to join a week-long workshop running within and alongside the Digest events. Led by an editorial team consisting of writer, Marina Vishmidt, designers Åbäke, and curators, Binna Choi and Maiko Tanaka, along with guest contributors including Merijn Oudenampsen, Quinsy Gario and Tea Hvala, 5-7 further participants will collectively write stories imagining alternative forms of living and working organized and intensified in a daily regime. GDR Futurist Writing School will also produce a public reading to close the week-long Digest on 26 February. The four major themes of the exhibition: Domestic Space, Work, Properties and Relations will set the major tensions for that near future while the GDR exhibition works will be invoked in multiple ways – from catalysts, prompts or props in a story, to historical objects, main characters and offhand references. The GDR Library will also serve as an immediate reference and resource throughout the week. To accommodate and support this collaborative intensive, Casco, one of three venues for the GDR exhibition, will be transformed into a futurist writing camp. The resulting texts of the school will form the backbone of the GDR exhibition catalogue to be published later this year.

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