New Habits Design of Office, Library, Assembly Hall and Exhibition Spaces

1 May 2014 / Casco HQ

Casco’s first building was a storefront on Oudegracht, a busy commercial street in Utrecht. In January 2007, Casco moved to the Nieuwekade on the edge of the city center with a moderately bigger space. The interior structure was designed by Berlin-based designers ifau (institute for applied urbanism) and Jesko Fezer, and later by London-based artist Nils Norman. Now, more than triple the size of Casco’s existing space, the new premise is a nineteenth-century school building and former convent located in the Museum Quarter of Utrecht, in the historic courtyard Abraham Dolehof. The space is designed by Berlin-based architects Jesko Fezer and Andreas Müller in collaboration with designer Maximilian Weydringer. Multiplying the motif of the arch as a recurring element in the building as well as an important support structure in architecture, the architects designed a new “grand arcade” running through the space differentiating work and meeting spaces, the library, and an indoor garden.

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