re-projecting (Utrecht) Event 1: Word Play

17 April 2008, 20:00 / Utrecht
Word play with slam poets Casper Fioole, Bart Bleijerveld, Gijs ter Haar

… seven, eight, nine, ten… I will bring you back again!  

Language on Banka Square. Words playing hide-and-seek. A poem on the swing. It’s whispering in the corner. For no one can sit still in the square. It’s all running, all climbing, all creating, and re-creating in children’s rhythm. As language does. The language of poets, and you. And you, sir. 

It all started with the Word. The Word as in creating. And where is creating more natural than in the sandpit? 

Wordplay is lying with words that describe the truth. Talking about the unseen, for hours, about what doesn’t exist. Words everywhere. Always. So serious. So real. But also: so playful. And what is meaning compared to the game? 

The word invites: Come. The word entices: Come. The word provokes: Come.  

because today the light 
sang songs in the sky  
songs I’d long forgotten 

and because the heat beat time 
not in the radiator pipes 
but against the window panes 

and because girls 
on foot and by bike 
danced lightly along 
a small strip tease of winter garments 
one layer less 

hence this party 
in honor of a prissy start. 

The playground is open. Words start to play.

This activity is part of:

A collaborative, week-long and multi-location project by Ricardo Basbaum.

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