The Arts Collaboratory Covid-19 Solidariteitsfonds

16 April 2020

Since 2014, Casco Art Institute is an active member of Arts Collaboratory, a translocal network/ecosystem of 25 art organizations across the world. In response to the Covid-19 crisis the network decided to make an emergency fund drawn from the collective resource pot it has been co-managing. Each organization will distribute 5000 euros to their communities according to the principles of trust, care and solidarity which guides the network’s management of the collective pot. 

Casco Art Institute chose to share the amount of 5000 euros with four different organizations, initiatives and individuals in our ecosystem: Indonesian Migrant Workers Union, Vluchtmaat, Platform BK and Olave Nduwanje, without application-selection procedure. We have known each of them through various forms of working and relating to one another, and share 1000 euros with each in support of their long-term practice of self-organizing and advocacy for those – especially under the direct impact of the current global crisis – who are without access to institutional care. 

We hope that this fund, however small, is helpful to cover urgent needs, provide some breathing room or can be used as seed money for organizing. By connecting the different parties with one another we would like to start a conversation on how we can support each other, mobilize for further solidarity and imagine different worlds and lives together, as Olave called for with urgency in her statement in OneWorld (in Dutch). 

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