The Common Sense bus tour

24 January 2015, 10:00–20:00 / Utrecht and Amsterdam
Tickets are EUR 20 for adults and EUR 10 for students (inclusive of travel cost, lunch, drinks, entrance fee). Reservations are necessary.
Join us at 18:00 hrs for a joint optional dinner at MOES, the bar and restaurant in the basement of de Appel. MOES offers a dinner for EUR 20 (starter and main course or main and desert), or you can eat a-la-carte (from EUR 12 for a main course).

The release of the third series of episodes in artist Melanie Gilligan’s The Common Sense (2014) coincides with a single weekend during which all the project sites are open simultaneously. Co-producers De Appel (Amsterdam), Casco – Office for Art, Design and Theory (Utrecht), and De Hallen Haarlem are organizing a bus tour through each city to visit the accompanying programs and three exhibitions as well as Gilligan’s film-shoot locations.

Writer Marina Vishmidt and other special guests to be announced give talks throughout the day aboard the bus and at Gilligan’s filming locations, on topics that stem from the film such as affective economies, collectivity, and the problematics of technology. Starting our journey at the Lloyd Hotel, at the end of the day we circle back to Amsterdam, finishing off the tour at De Appel.

We welcome you to join us on this trip, conversing and communalizing on the move! The schedule for the day is subject to change:

10:00 Meet at Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam, coffee and pastries provided
10:10 Lecture by Marina Vishmidt
11:00 Travel to Utrecht
11:30 Walking tour of the new Leidsche Rijn area in Utrecht
12:00 Travel to Casco, Utrecht
12:10 Viewing of The Common Sense episodes 1-5 and artists The Otolith Group’s exhibition In the Year of the Quiet Sun at Casco, vegan lunch provided
14:00 Passing by film-shoot location Rabobank headquarters in Utrecht during travel to De Hallen Haarlem
14:40 Viewing of The Common Sense episodes 6-10 and group exhibition Up Close and Personal
16:00 Travel to de Appel, Amsterdam
16:30 Viewing of The Common Sense episodes 11-15 and artist Michael Dean’s solo exhibition Qualities of Violence
18:00 Drinks at MOES, optional dinner
19:00 Screening of Melanie Gilligan’s Popular Unrest (2010) at de Appel

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