Words From The Land (INLAND x Erfgoed)

22 July 2017, 10:00–18:00 / Leidsche Rijn

On Saturday 22 July 2017 at Erfgoed we celebrate the launch of Words from the Land, a storytelling project that delves into the agrarian histories of Hof ter Weyde.

“Currently the farmhouse sits empty, arrested in time between the past and present. You may wonder why this old-fashioned farmhouse with a thatched roof stands here unoccupied, surrounded by the Terwijde Shopping Center in Leidsche Rijn, a new and sprawling residential neighborhood in the city of Utrecht.”

“For over 50 years, the farmhouse has been owned by the Van Vuuren family. Until 2007, Hof ter Weyde operated as a dairy farm and cheesery. The farm was much larger and completely surrounded by expansive green farmlands and rows of glasshouses. The Van Vuuren’s raised pigs, chickens, and dairy cows, and made dairy products such as cheese and yogurt in the cheesemaking room located at the rear of the farmhouse. There was also a cheese store that sold milk and homemade dairy products to the local community.”

“After 1995, when the Leidsche Rijn Masterplan was adopted by the municipal councils of Utrecht and Vleuten-de Meern, the family sustained persistent pressures from the municipality to sell their land. The purchasing of the Van Vuuren’s land by the government was essential for the execution of the Masterplan which sought to construct the brand new neighborhood of Leidsche Rijn directly on top of most of the area’s farmlands.”

– Excerpt from Words from the Land pamphlet

Together with The Outsiders, a collective of active neighbors from the Leidsche Rijn area dedicated to creating dynamic public spaces through art and architecture, Casco invites you on an excursion to the farmhouse Hof ter Weyde. Here we will share a special yet common story around land use, enjoy The Outsiders’ emerging market of healthy food and drinks called Erfgoed, and imagine the future(s) of this farmhouse together.

Casco supports the Erfgoed project in the spirit of INLAND, initiated by artist Fernando García-Dory and Casco. Both projects share a lot of common ground and research which focuses on probing the role of territories, geopolitics, food sovereignty, culture, and identity between the city and countryside.


10:00 hrs: Doors and mini-Market open
11:00 hrs: Launching of the Words from the Land storytelling pamphlet. Followed by a “Banner me” workshop. Participants will create a banner to express their dreams for the farm.
14:00 hrs: We play “profit farming,” a farm management game where players use modern farming methods to make profits. We will question how could it be possible for a farmer nowadays to achieve 1 million euros (more or less what this farm would cost to buy). A Q&A will follow.
18:00 hrs: Closing
Continuously: The living room of the farm will stay open and there will be food and drinks served.

Healthy living by Dounia Wardani will make delicious Mediterranean pancakes and smoothies with local products from the area. More food and produce provided by: Zoete Koek – vegan cookies by Sacha; Pic Nic with Asia – organic catering; Annet – landelijke producten van Hollandse bodem.

Kees Van Vuuren will bring fresh milk to tap and small lovely animals as cavies and rabbits to be softly cuddled.

Mr. Lin from Tai Wah House in Leidsche Rijn will do guerilla gardening workshops throughout the day.


Casco’s programma is mogelijk gemaakt met financiële steun van de Gemeente Utrecht, Mondriaan Fonds en Stichting DOEN via Arts Collaboratory.

This activity is part of:

An artist collective exploring agricultural heritage in urban areas to cultivate knowledge and skills for an ecological, resilient life.

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