Commoning Toegankelijkheid

Image description: A leaf-life shape filled with fluorescent green textile texture. A mountainous shape with a collage resembling mossy textures with a white haze painting over it. Above this shape floats a small pearl bubble. In the background there is an image of a brown hand touching someone's back who is wearing a green jacket, and has a pink plastic flower in their hair. On the other side there is an inverted black and white image of two hands gestures the sign *now" in Black American Sign Language.

05 May 2022 / OnlineLanguage: English and Dutch We are excited to share Commoning Accessibility – information and tips on grassroots, mixed-ability accessibility organizing, assembled and written by Staci Bu Shea (with many, many others), design and images by Lotte Lara Schröder. Find the full document (design and plain text) as well as audio-recordings on […]

Past Imperfect editorial office

1 October–30 November 2003 / Casco HQ In October and November, Casco functions as an editorial office, archive and place of production for a publication, which examines the comparisons and differences between artistic practice now, and in the 1960s and ’70s. The publication poses the question to what extent radical choices and events influence the […]

Ideological Guide to the Venice Biennale 2013

29 May–30 June 2013 / Casco HQ Casco, e-flux and Kadist Art Foundation offer the possibility for artists and writers to travel to the 2013 Venice Biennale and to follow the Ideological Guide to the Venice Biennale 2013, a project by artist Jonas Staal.  The Ideological Guide to the Venice Biennale is a free iPhone […]

(Un)usual Business reader is nu beschikbaar!

26 February–26 March 2014 / Casco HQ In Spring 2013, Casco and the critical post-graduate students group Kritische Studenten Utrecht started the long-term collective research project (Un)usual Business. (Un)usual Business explores so-called “community economies”, a term coined by feminist economic geographers Katherine Gibson and Julie Graham. The core idea is that the economy is much […]

FAQs on the Commons & Art

9 June 2018Online Are you curious which “FAQs on the Commons & Art” formed the starting point for our roundtable and working sessions? Here are some of the FAQs gathered from our open call for the launch of Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons on 9 June 2018.  1 What do you mean by […]

Een Dialoog over de Commons

15 november 2015–13 maart 2016 / Casco HQ Fonds.  Wat bedoel je als je het hebt over ‘de commons’? ‘Commoning’ is trouwens al net zo abstract! Denk aan een stuk land (waar dan ook!) voordat individuen, bedrijven of overheden het in handen kregen. Ooit was het land gemeenschappelijk bezit. Het was een common. Denk ook […]

Song / Value, Kanaal 3: Brief per post met Dear,

21 oktober 2020–21 februari 2021 Samen met Dear, een kunstenaarsinitiatief geleid door Martha Jager en Sophie de Serière, de rol aannemen van boodschapper tussen schrijver en lezer, en elke maand een lyrische brief per post verzenden. Door gebruik te maken van het traditionele bereik van de geschreven brief probeert Dear, lezers in contact te brengen […]

Story / Heritage, Hoofdstuk 4: Abraham’s Doolhof

11 juli 2020 / Online Nu we bij het laatste hoofdstuk van Common Grounds: Story / Heritage aankomen, keren we terug bij de binnenplaats van onze locatie in Utrecht. Op de Abraham Dolehof dient zich een nieuw personage in het verhaal aan – een stem die eerder verborgen bleef. Abraham’s Doolhof van curator c.q. schrijver Laura […]

De Reizende Glijbaan publicatie

Image description: the Terwijde farmhouse and the slide (Glijbaan) on a sunny day.

De Reizende Glijbaan, a children’s book about a travelling slide in Leidsche Rijn! In 2018 a second-hand yellow slide landed in Leidsche Rijn, right over a hedge that separated the once-abandoned Terwijde farmhouse from a newly built shopping mall. It was brought to the place by the artist collective The Outsiders, as well as Casco […]