An Atlas of Radical Cartography

An exhibition and publication project that brings together a number of mapping strategies and focuses on the map’s function as a political agent.

15 February–22 March 2009 / Casco HQ
Opening & A Mapping Forum 
Saturday 14 February 17:00 
Forum program below.

An Atlas of Radical Cartography brings together a number of mapping strategies that traverse areas of practice such as art, design, activism, cartography and geography, focusing on the map’s function as a political agent. Conceived and organized by New York-based artists Lize Mogel and Alexis Bhagat, An Atlas of Radical Cartography began as a publication of ten maps and ten essays, and evolved into a traveling exhibition. At Casco, the exhibition includes works of radical cartography by fifteen international artists, architects, activists and collectives. They take on a range of pressing social and political issues from globalization and economic inequity to diverse urban concerns, in the process creating new imaginary territories and anticipating possible actions.  

Contributions by An Architektur with a42.org, Bureau d’Études, the Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP), Jacqueline Goss, hackitectura.net & Indymedia Estrecho, Ashley Hunt, Institute for Applied Autonomy with Site-R, Labor k3000 in collaboration with TRANSIT MIGRATION, Pedro Lasch, Lize Mogel, Trevor Paglen & John Emerson, Philippe Rekacewicz, Brooke Singer, Jane Tsong, Unnayan 

The structure of the exhibition and workspace is designed by Andreas Müller, member of An Architektur, as part of his ongoing research into participatory architecture. 

Forum programme 

Welcome & Introduction by Lize Mogel and Binna Choi 

17:15–18:15 Lecture and discussion with Massimo de Angelis for new mapping initiative Our Economies 

18:15–18:30 Break  

Presentations by the contributors to An Atlas of Radical Cartography 

18:30–18:50 Lize Mogel (co-organizer) 

18:50–19:20 Andreas Müller (An Architektur) 

19:20–19:40 Marion von Osten (Labor k3000) 

19:40–20:00 Philippe Rekacewicz  

20:00 Exhibition on view & drinks 

Our Economies 
Weekly hands-on mapping workshops, a working group, events & a publication 

In response to the global economic crisis, Lize Mogel and Casco initiate the collective and participatory mapping/research project Our Economies. The public is invited to contribute their own visualizations of the global economic crisis to a map archive, which will be further interpreted by a working group of researchers and designers.

Adjunct event: A Possible Guide to Meeting Utrecht: Utrecht (Self-Organized) Gathering Spots  
Thursday 26 February 2009, 16:00  
Starting venue: HKU (Ina Boudier-Bakkerlaan 50, 3582 VA Utrecht)  

A group of students from HKU (Natascha Boel, Kim Eggens, Nelleke van Hoof, Simona Kicurovska, Hedy Tjin, Tim van Kessel) organize a presentation tour based on a new map of the city of Utrecht, drawn from a critical interpretation of the urban culture, as an outcome of their half-year collective research commissioned by Casco. 


An Atlas of Radical Cartography is made possible with kind support of DOEN Foundation and the LEF foundation. The programme of Casco is kindly supported by Mondriaan Foundation and Gemeente Utrecht.

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