Come Alive!

A series of public and discursive events exploring artistic, social and archival practices for Casco’s twentieth anniversary

13 March–27 May 2010 / Casco HQ

Come Alive! is a series of public and discursive events organized by Casco in the course of 2010 to create a conjuncture between Casco’s twentieth anniversary and contemporary artistic and social practices that attempt to constitute alternative forms of social existence and organization through critical engagement with our recent past. These events aim at excavating the archival remains of a number of collectively driven or self-organized initiatives, events and figures. The various critical and imaginative investigations into those instituted repositories of past endeavors are to be shared and examined in order to speculate on the common desire, similar/different strategies and their agencies both within the historical movements as well as under the present conditions, and in possible movements to come. In this series, archival archaeology is also an exercise in futurology. In the process, the relationship between Casco’s institutional practice and society will be reflected and rearticulated.


The Casco programme is generously supported by the Mondriaan Foundation and the Utrecht City Council. The first event of Come Alive! is made possible with support from Utrecht Consortium/Sia Raak and European Union Culture Programme (Circular Facts).

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