Hidden Curriculum

With others, Annette Krauss looks at unrecognized and unintended knowledge, values and beliefs that are part of the learning process in schools.

3–18 November 2007 / Casco HQ

The Hidden Curriculum project looks at the unintended and unrecognized forms of knowledge, values and beliefs that are part of learning processes and daily life within high schools. The project deals with the realm of communication within school, addressing its blind spots, hidden niches and mute practices. Together with high school students, the project tries to develop forms of investigation in order to approach the so-called Hidden Curriculum.

If you are interested in Hidden Curriculum and Hidden Curriculum Files, do feel free to send an email to info@casco.art to check availability.


Annette Krauss in collaboration in Utrecht with Bouchra Aarab, Kaoutar El Abbassi, Rosa Alferink, Karima Amaador, Pamela Bontrop, Wendeline Braaksma, Sjaak Deloffre, Lisa van Eijl, Karen van Engelshoven, Matthijs de Fluiter, Ineke v/d Hurk, Felicity de Kruijf, Steffie Jansen, Martijn Kwant, Daan Langelaan, Anne Leeuw, Aafje Malschaert, Bob Mekking, Xamira Möhlmann, Ans de Nijs, Vivienne Pickkers, Richard Scholten, Sonakshi Shankar, Wouter Slaterus, Sofie Teissier, Kiki Verheyen, Etienne van Walsem, Samira Zarraat.

Participating pupils from Gerrit Rietveld College and Amadeus Lyceum, Utrecht.

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