Mud / Slip / Rally

23 August–13 September 1998 / Casco HQ

Casco presents three recent video works by Yasu Ichige. 

SLIP is stupefying: a spinning car tire is almost obscured by the smoke produced by its skidding; a voice counts a series of numbers that doesn’t appear to hold any logic. The work has no beginning and no end. The aimless counting is not a countdown; it seems instead to be meditative. 

In RALLY, a racing driver takes part in a bloodcurdling race on an amusement arcade game. He handles his vehicle so adroitly that he breaks a record. Pleased, he stands up and leaves the pub where the machine is located. This absurd mixing of two worlds – the virtual and the real, the safe and unsafe – puts things in perspective, but is disappointing. 

MUD shows a man who becomes entangled in a hopeless situation on his way to work. Ichige based this work on the description of a dream he read about. It is a depiction of a classic anxiety dream in which the path to the goal seems impossible. In the film the man plods through a beautiful landscape setting with singing birds; the landscape demands attention that distracts from the leading character’s problems. As a result, the man’s struggle appears to arise from an inherent agitation that bears no relation to his surroundings. 

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Translation: Annabel Howland

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