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ReadingRoom is open to anyone interested in careful close readings

ReadingRoom is a local Terra Critica practice in Utrecht with the collaboration of Casco Art Institute.

ReadingRoom is open to anyone interested in careful close readings. It strives to create an open and inclusive space for substantial and meaningful conversations in the humanities, the arts and beyond. In the face of the current pressure for applied science and socio-economic profitability, reading and its crystallizing of critical questions are skills to refine in order to sharpen our understanding of and practicing in this world. We understand reading as an active intervention into our present, a shared practice that sharpens our senses and enables new affective communities.

ReadingRoom holds one thematic series per year, with 4-6 meetings per series. Each time we base our conversations on a few key texts from a wide range of disciplines.

Over the course of 2019, ReadingRoom has produced four installments of a newsletter, each collecting our thoughts and questions after a session. The newsletters are published as contributions to issue # 11 of the Journal of Aesthetics & Protest. By clicking on the following links, you can also find the individual newsletters we made: #1 April 2019, #2 June 2019, #3 October 2019 and #4 November 2019.

Our sixth series ran from October 2019 to January 2020 (suspended due to Covid-19). For more information on past ReadingRoom series, please scroll down. For information about future ReadingRoom activities, please email info@terracritica.net.


Terra Critica, program lead
Mari Pitkänen, vegan chef

Shifting team of Casco Art Institute, support and participation

ReadingRoom has received financial supported from the national research schools of Gender Studies (NOG) and Literary Studies (OSL) and by Aspasiagelden Diversiteitsbeleid.

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