Verbal description tours of our Autumn exhibitions

As part of our efforts to increase our accessibility, we are pleased to provide verbal description tours of our current four exhibitions. Verbal description tours are a point of access for blind and partially sighted visitors of our exhibitions, and accessible for anyone who is not able to make a visit to our location. These verbal descriptions were written by writers and artists who are sensitive to practices of accessibility including Lisa Hinderks, Vivian Ziherl, Setareh Noorani, and Jeanine van Berkel. Please find text and audio below in both Dutch and English.

365 PLANTS by Mariëlle Videler
written by Lisa Hinderks (writer, deaf activist, & researcher)

The Mother Mountain Institute by Sara Sejin Chang (Sara van der Heide)
Written by Vivian Ziherl (curator, researcher, & critic)

Workable Geographies by Ola Hassanain 
Written by Setareh Noorani (artist, architect & researcher) 

Den tur circumstancia nos lo sigi move (Under all circumstances we will continue to move) by Family Connection
Written by Jeanine van Berkel (graphic designer, visual researcher & writer)

Listen to the verbal description tours via the playlist below. The list will be updated to completion. Find their transcripts here.


Jeanine van Berkel
Lisa Hinderks
Setareh Noorani
Vivian Ziherl

Rosa Paardenkooper

Staci Bu Shea
Luke Cohlen
Funs Janssen
Lotte van der Vleuten

Staci Bu Shea

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