28 May–23 July 2004 / Casco HQ

Snowscape is an installation in Casco or actually with Casco. The entire space including the office is wrapped in white canvas for two months: a snowscape with pictures of an abandoned space after a fashion show. Roma Pas (1973) uses this after image to create a “zero setting:” a temporary lull in images in answer to the overwhelming presence of images and image-related meanings in contemporary society.  

From 10 June onwards, Snowscape functions as the venue for lectures, a film screening and a performance, which take the first tentative steps into this “image-charge free zone” as it were. This program reconsiders the subject of (re)presentation and contemporary images.  Roma Pas’ work refers to fashion, without providing an image of models or clothing. The work Frontrow/Backrow consists of photographs of a fashion show alternately taken from the front and then the back row. Only a glimpse of what the event is all about can be seen between the writing journalists, shoulders and silhouettes. 

Casco HQ


Snowscape came about in cooperation with Teske Clijsen.

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