The Publications Project 2008

13 July 2008 / Casco HQ

Book launch & public discussion 
13 July 16:00–22:00 at Casco – Office for Art, Design and Theory 

The Publications Project 2008 is a collaboration between the Dutch Art Institute in Enschede and the Werkplaats Typografie in Arnhem, mediated by Emily Pethick (former director of Casco).

Instead of the brief exposure of a one week graduation show, the DAI Master Program in Fine Arts offers its graduating students the opportunity to produce a small individual publication in an edition of 250 copies. A book can be sent to any place in the world at any moment. While disseminating his or her publication each artist is bound to be very precise in addressing specific audiences instead of allowing his or her work to be swayed by the issues of the day. 

During the Publications Project every art student teamed up with a graphic design student. Apart from visuals and personal texts each booklet also contains a text by a guest writer chosen by the artist. 

The process from concept to design was guided by Emily Pethick (former director of Casco, currently director of The Showroom in London). During the book launch in Casco she and artist Tomo Savic-Gecan engage in a public discussion (16:30-17:30) with the DAI-graduates about the publication as a process, as a way of generating work or conversation, rather than just representing it. 

During the discussion the following publications will be presented: 

Artist / Guest writer / Designer 

Emily Williams / Falke Pisano / Julie Peeter


Bani Bannwart / Alex de Vries / Alex DeArmon


Maciej Duchowski / Tomo Savic-Gecan / Jeremy Jansen


Nikos Doulos / Christopher Marinos / Cecilia Costa


Daniëlle Davidson / Rubén de la Nuez / Jaan Evar


Chris Meighan / Chris Meighan / Cecilia Costa


Kamilla Szejnoch / Agnieszka Zechowska / Marco Balestros


Anna Korteweg / Sergio Basbaum / Marco Balestros


Julien Grossmann / James Beckett / Boy Vereecken 

The film Facing: An usual story from a nameless country (52 min., 2008) is on view at Casco until 20 July 2008, which is the outcome of a collaborative project Travel Stories by Danish artist Pia Rönicke and Kurdish writer Zeynel Abidin Kizilyaprak.


With many thanks to the Werkplaats Typografie. Thanks to Steve Rushton, Rebecca Sakoun, Rik Fernhout and Walter van der Star for final editing and a translation.

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