Community Economies in Action Practice Retreat

The first Community Economies in Action Practice Retreat will be held 12–19 July 2023, in the Italian Alps (in Rovereto, Vallagarina Valley, Italy). The retreat is for practitioners from diverse fields (e.g., agroecology, art and design, urbanism, food transformation, crafts, pedagogy, co-housing) as well as practice-oriented PhD students and researchers with a participatory, activist approach. It will be led by Bianca Elzenbaumer (IT), Kate Rich (AUS/UK) and Flora Mammana (DE/IT).

Participants will learn from each other, mobilise situated knowledge, and share the beauties and blind spots of their projects, initiatives and research. They will forge new alliances, and explore ways of doing, feeling and knowing that value collectivity and interdependence. We especially encourage applications from groups of people who are working together in some way.

Expressions of interest due 27 January 2023.
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