End of year appreciation / project grants

As a final message to close this year, Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons is delighted to share two project grants that have just been confirmed for our activities in 2023. Both are tied by our long-term and ongoing commitment to decolonial and (eco)feminist principles.

The first grant is in light of the colonial history of our city of residence. In conjunction with the national acknowledgement of the country’s active role in slavery, the Municipality of Utrecht has opened this new grant to allow cultural initiatives to deepen this topic. We will be developing a new two-day event, Turning Pages, inviting academia, activists and artists from our community, to discuss and thereby collectively turn new pages, adding critical narratives and insights to the local discourse.

The second is by the Supporting Act Foundation, a novel WeTransfer initiated grant, aimed at individuals and organizations creating vital circles of support, and forging better futures for underrepresented communities in the arts. Our project for this occasion is Commons • Art which envisions a platform that facilitates and supports the creative and social caretaking of art as a way of generating new commons. We will share more about it and the related activities at the start of next year.

On this note, we hope we are sharing with you some positive vibes and energy despite all. To the extent that has been possible in this brief post-pandemic opening period, we have cherished all the relationships that make what and who we are, guiding what, why and how we do things with contemporary art. Much appreciation goes for all of you. Thank you.

Our Holiday break runs from 24 December 2022 through 8 January 2023. We wish you all restful and regenerative holidays. We look forward to being in touch with you in the new year!

Warm wishes,
Binna, Erik, Leana, Luke and Marianna

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