What’s to be repaired? – Postcolonial Justice in Postcolonial Europe

22–24 June 2022 / At Utrecht University, BAK basis voor de actuele kunst and Casco Art Institute
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Twenty years passed since 2001 UN World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance, also known as the Durban Conference, took place. The Durban Conference is one of the first instances where the countries of the Global North were asked to address and repair the legacy of “the massive human sufferings and the tragic plight of millions of men, women and children as a result of slavery, slave trade, transatlantic slave trade, apartheid, colonialism and genocide.” Addressing the course of time since the Conference, this three days symposium brings together interdisciplinary academics, experts, and activists to discuss postcolonial reparations as a strategy for fighting postcolonial inequalities, combating structural racism, and decolonising societies in Western Europe. 

Casco Art Institutes hosts the European launch of the African Futures Action Lab on Thursday 23 June 16:00 with presentation by Amah Edoh and Liliane Umubyeyi from the African Futures Action Lab. For the launch, Casco also will also highlight a selection of books and other publications in her library dealing with the similar subject. 


Georganiseerd door Jamila Mascat (UU), en Krista King (UU), in samenwerking met BAK, basis voor actuele kunst en Casco Art Institute

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