Doneer aan slachtoffers aardbeving Syrië, Turkije, Koerdistan

Doneer alsjeblieft om de slachtoffers van de zware aardbeving te helpen. Het Amsterdamse KLAB heeft een uitgebreide lijst verzameld van betrouwbare organisaties die actief zijn in het oorlogsgebied in Syrië, Turkije en Koerdistan. Elke donatie helpt. Vind de lijst hier.

Over KLAB: ”We are a collective of designers and musicians from the levant region based in Amsterdam, we has noticed that people are not donating because of misinformation, we have some sources checked locally by friends and family to be effective on the ground. We would like to urge you to keep donating or making a monthly subscription the earthquakes have been estimated to have directly impacted 23 million people we are facing a humanitarian crisis this is just the beginning people need shelter, utilities, medicine and food for months to come if not years.

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