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Casco’s doors are closed for our summer break until 16 August. During this period we will rejuvenate while ruminating over Casco’s future: the coming years program including the project exhibition We Are The Time Machines (opening 14 November 2015) that concludes our three-year research into Composing the Commons and celebrates our 25th anniversary! Meanwhile we would like to share a list of URLs, most of which show our “behind-the-curtain” work in recent months. We hope they inspire your summer!

Casco-related URLs

The exhibition White Paper: The Law at Casco closed just last month but its Facebook and Twitter pages give you access to its ongoing campaign; see the website to view the collectively produced legal document Convention on the Use of Space and other campaign info.

Visit the new Our Autonomous Life? user-friendly online platform to see the episodes, related documents, and latest news from the cooperative sitcom series (2011–2012) about a fictional Netherlands-based squatter group.

Arts Collaboratory’s official website is live! For the last two years Casco has been facilitating partner for this network of art organizations focused on art practices and processes of social change. The website offers an extensive overview of the network’s activities including a multitude of other links, and awaits its future as a self-organized, trans-local organization.

Casco and Open! Platform for Art, Culture and the Public Domain have been publishing the Commonist Aesthetics series on the potentials and pitfalls of commoning, and the Common Knowledge series, a “virtual roundtable” on the state of academic institutions in the Netherlands in the wake of massive protests and occupations.

We are delighted to share the renovated website of Read-in, a self-organized collective that experiments with the political, material, and physical implications of collective reading. Time to organize your own Read-in?

A new webpage consolidating all of the artist publications and classroom material developed under the Publishing Class imprint of DAI Publications since Casco’s involvement in 2010. The Dutch Art Institute (DAI) and Casco in collaboration with the Werkplaats Typografie jointly publish the books.

The Casco team learn a lot from and are inspired by the many writers of ROAR Magazine [Reflections on a Revolution]. Another great companion to Open!

We just joined Instagram with the concept: “Where is Casco?” Share snaps of your #CommoningCasco tote bag wherever you go and stand to win the next edition tote by with three titles from our bookshop!

For the upcoming “International summit on domestic affairs,’The world. One Household,'”  Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, Dessau, Germany (7-9 August 2015), Casco continues its sharing of research with other venues. In this exciting case we contribute to a panel discussion and extend our already strong affinity with the summit’s desire to “debate new models for work beyond the work-based society, which are already inherent to domestic affairs and their complex practices.”

Many thanks to Jeremy Crowlesmith and Dennis van Gaalen for the Convention on the Use of Space website; Anja Groten and Nazima Kadir for the Our Autonomous Life? website; Fred Cave and Laura Pappa for the Publishing Class website; and Martijn Eerens, Thijs Gadiot, and Wok the Rock for the Arts Collaboratory website.


Fresh reviews of Adelita Husni-Bey’s White Paper: The Law and a related opinion essay:
Lucy Finchett-Maddock, “Their Law: The New Energies of UK Squats, Social Centres and Eviction Resistances in the Fight Against Expropriation,” Critical Legal Thinking, 2015
Abel Heijkamp & Roel Griffioen, “Te koop: de sociale huurwoningen van Nederland (prijs: meer ongelijkheid),” De Correspondent, 2015
Abel Heijkamp & Roel Griffioen, “Alles flex: hoe flexibele huurcontracten tot permanente onzekerheid kunnen leiden,” De Correspondent, 2015

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