(un)Common Grounds: Reflecting on documenta fifteen

(un)Common Grounds: Reflecting on documenta fifteen takes place on the same days as the Platform BK Solidarity Camp in Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons (Utrecht). We embrace the synchronicity of the urgencies addressed by both events and stand in solidarity with each other. The full program of (un)Common Grounds will be live-streamed at Casco. Posters and programs of the Solidarity Camp will be presented at Framer Framed and Akademie van Kunsten.

(un)Common Grounds is a two-day hybrid symposium, gathering a network of thinker-speakers to discuss the issues raised during the 100 days of documenta fifteen in Kassel, Germany. Together with invited artists from documenta fifteen and museum practitioners, cultural historians as well as activists, we share and learn from different perspectives, experiences and observations of the exhibition. We will be joined by the members of Indonesian collective ruangrupa, who curated this year’s edition.

Confirmed presenters and communities include Ade Darmawan, Alexander Supartono, The Black Archives, Benjamin Seroussi, Charles Esche, Christa-Maria Lerm Hayes, David Duindam, Esther Captain, Eyal Weizman, Fernando Garcia Dory, Florian Cramer, INLAND, Jonas Staal, Kerstin Winking, Lara Khaldi, Layal Ftouni, Mitchell Esajas, Mirjam Shatanawi, Mohanad Yaqubi, The Question of Funding, ruangrupa, Reem Shilah, Subversive Film, Taring Padi, Wayne Modest, Yazan Khalili, Zippora Elders, THE PALACE OF FLOWING WATER.

For more information visit the website of Framer Framed.

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