Song / Value, Channel 1: Live Concerts online

15 October 2020–11 February 2021 / Casco HQ & online

Common Grounds: Song / Value presents three concerts exclusively online by musicians that embrace the poetic and political within their work. Each concert streams from Casco’s YouTube channel and includes live captioning of lyrics and music descriptions. Each musician selected a song which they would like to “common” by leading listeners to sing along with them. This song is also sung in NGT (Dutch sign language), interpreted by Nathaly Tweeboom.


15 October 2020, 20.00

Shishani is a Namibian-Belgian singer-songwriter and guitar player who deals with social issues and healing through her artistry and activism.


22 October 2020, 20.00

Marikit is a Philippine born rapper/singer based in the Netherlands. She fell in love with the elements and principles of hiphop, free-styling and writing lyrics since she was 12. Singing and collecting music brought her comfort in her life and as an activist, this gave her a tool to expose the unjust system. Her songs call for unity and building another world that is not based upon greed, exploitation and oppression.

Mira Thompson

11 February 2021, 20.00

Mira Thompson is a Dutch singer and activist whose music choices are ones which contain a narrative and also have a strong visual component. The aspect of language, politics and meaning is equally important to the music for her. She is fascinated by the effect of sound, and traditions of vocal jazz. With a longstanding love for the music of Joni Mitchell, her own music preferences are always expressing a powerful feel of language, and a reflection of time.

This activity is part of:

A process of commoning the main site and building in Utrecht’s Museum Quarters through different modes of sharing the space, its use values & stories.

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