Day With(out) Art 2022: Being & Belonging

1 December 2022, 17:00–20:00 / Casco HQ & online

Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons is proud to partner with Visual Aids for Day With(out) Art 2022 by presenting BEING & BELONGING, a program of seven new videos centering the emotional reality of living with HIV today. The program features new work by Clifford Prince King, Jaewon Kim, Mikiki, Davina “Dee” Conner & Karin Hayes, Camila Arce, Jhoel Zempoalteca & La Jerry, and Camilo Acosta Huntertexas & Santiago Lemus.

Day With(outArt is held each year as an international day of mourning and action that uses art to respond to the ongoing HIV and AIDS crisis. It encourages museums, universities, museums, and art institutions to present related programming on or around World AIDS Day.

After two years of online participation, we will open our doors and screen the event for the public. The screening coincides with the first public occasion of MAFA HKU’s SHARE YOUR PRACTICE, where its student-participants as well as visiting public are invited to engage – in quietness – with the looping film screened in our office.

Image description: a collage of (near-)naked bodies and vibrant and abstract colourful image. Credit: Mikiki, film still, 2022.

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