Garage Sale

11 April–12 April 2014, 12:00–18:00 / Casco HQ
The Garage Sale takes place at our storefront at Voorstraat 88 as well as at the current office at Nieuwekade 213-215.

As we clear out our current spaces to move to our new one, we are organizing a substantial garage sale. Please don’t miss this opportunity to get a variety of things that make up an art institutional household, and have one last glimpse at this art institution’s beloved but soon to be vacant premises! 

The available items range from the expected (bookshelves, chairs, office supplies) to the unexpected (materials and tools used for making artworks including sticks, wires, solar energy paper, metal, Converse shoes, fabrics, beer bottles, thick glasses, paint brushes, and much, much more). A selection of skills for making those works possible are also on sale. 

In addition, there are some “unique” things to pick up, artworks we produced or acquired that could function as intriguing furniture items or be adapted for other purposes, as they are often made to fuse the border between the useful and the non-useful. Artists in the MaHKU MA Fine Art program are developing new “products,” projects, and performances to contribute as part of their ongoing research. In essence, please come by, you won’t regret it! For this occasion, we also recommend taking a look at Monumental Garage Sale (1973) by artist Martha Rosler – recently reinstalled at MoMA (New York) and an inspiring reference for us in producing our own. More information at


The setting for the Garage Sale is developed by Aimée Zito Lema, as part of her Artist at Work period.

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