Song / Value, Channel 3: Letter by post with Dear,

Together with Dear, an artist-led initiative by Martha Jager and Sophie de Serière, Casco functions as a messenger between writer and reader and distributes a lyrical letter by post each month. Using the traditional reach of the written letter, Dear, seeks to connect readers with poets, writers, and artists, establishing a sense of closeness in a time marked by distance. This second series of Dear, features limited edition letters by artists and musicians Geo Wyeth, Urok Shirhan, Angel Bat Dawid, and Shabaka Hutchings.

Learn more by visiting the Dear, Instagram.

21 October 2020 - 21 February, 2021
By post

This activity is part of:

A process of commoning the main site and building in Utrecht’s Museum Quarters through different modes of sharing the space, its use values & stories.

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