Song / Value, Channel 4: Common Air Season 3

19 November 2020–4 February 2021 / Utrecht

From November to February, we kick start our new season of Common Air, Casco’s radio broadcast streamed on Stranded FM. The season, as part of Common Grounds: Song / Value, features musical works from Casco’s archive, outcomes of research around the season’s theme and contributions from artists and researchers in the fields of art, music, sound, and politics.

Episode 1

19 November 2020, 14.00

During this first episode of Common Air Season 3, co-hosted by Ying Que and Staci Bu Shea, we explore the themes of Common Grounds: Song / Value within a compilation of songs, interviews with Channel 1’s artists Shishani and Marikit, and other recordings from Casco’s archive and elsewhere. We dive deeper into the meaning of value, singing together, and songs for resistance and healing. The stories they contain are a red thread throughout this season.

Episode 2

21 January 2020, 14.00

Due to the lockdown, this is a recording from home, featuring a chat with artist and designer Wok the Rock and Casco’s director Binna Choi, and recordings contributed by researcher Nuraini Juliastuti, both from Indonesia. The episode was inspired by Wok the Rock’s project Parasite Lottery (2016 in Casco, Utrecht) that was created with an intention to respond to the government’s heavy budget cuts in the art and cultural sector. Nuraini Juliastuti’s research endeavors were leading in the direction for this broadcast, grappling with questions around song heritage and caring for an infrastructure of the commons. The red thread of songs for resistance unravels and draws lessons from Indonesia’s social movements, where the act of archiving is presented as a way to dissent from mainstream and dominant narratives in post-colonial Indonesia.

Episode 3

4 February 2021, 14.00

For our final episode this season, we dive into poetry’s relationship to music with a focus on lyricism, rhythm, and attunement. The episode is a pre-recording co-hosted and stitched together by Staci Bu Shea and Ying Que, and anchored with some of the voices from Common Grounds: Song / Value including artist and postal initiative Dear, (Martha Jager and Sophie de Serière), artist musician Mira Thompson (whose concert premieres next week Thursday, 11 February on Casco’s YouTube!) and artist and researcher Serena Lee. You’ll hear musical tracks from the letter writers this season in collaboration with Dear,. Sprinkled throughout are songs and other contributions that explore post-coloniality and tune, work and rhythm, embodiment and song writing.


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This activity is part of:

A process of commoning the main site and building in Utrecht’s Museum Quarters through different modes of sharing the space, its use values & stories.

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