Descartes Centre Summer Colloquium

Where are the crossovers between artistic and scientific knowledges? How can humanities scholarship  help to mediate the gap between them? What is scientific knowledge anyway?

The Descartes Centre at Utrecht University researches topics from the “History and Philosophy of Science”. This is as broad ranging as it sounds and they are even expanding their horizons to investigate how to write “Histories of Knowledge”. The centre will be hosting their Summer Colloquium at Casco on 21 June and they are sending an open invite for people to dialogue and celebrate the end of an academic year. 

Transdisciplinarity and broad views of knowledge-making are themes that resonate in our work and that of Descartes Centre. We will welcome and facilitate workshops, performances and dialogues between artistic researchers and academic researchers on what science is, and how/why scientific knowledge is produced. Please join us in the sun for a chat and drinks from 15:30–17:00.

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