Books of Change—GDR Handbook to We Are Here Cooking

14 February 2015, 19:00 / Casco HQ
If you are interested in cooking and collectivity in relation to publishing, please join us! The event is free but reservations are highly recommended for the party.
On the day of the event, the Grand Domestic Revolution Handbook will be available at a special price.

The Grand Domestic Revolution Handbook published by Casco and Valiz last September comes home to Utrecht for its “official” landing after being introduced in various locales on its travels to Kortrijk, Berlin, London, Toronto, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Yogyakarta.

On this special day the developing cookbook We Are Here Cooking – out later this year – also meets the public. Both projects take publishing and the domestic as sources of agency that enable us to effect change via ongoing collective practices, helping us move into another phase of collective activities.

The program includes a reading from the Grand Domestic Revolution Handbook led by the editorial team together with Read-in, and an introduction to the We Are Here cookbook by its members and supporters. This is accompanied by other food for thought in the form of talks by E. C. Feiss – currently a researcher at Jan van Eyck Academie – on the relationship between publication and protest, and by Indonesian Migrant Workers Union Netherlands (IMWU) on their process of resilient collective organizing over the last four years. The evening ends with a dance party and music composed by We Are Here members.

About the Grand Domestic Revolution Handbook

Inhabiting the structure of a 1960s home economics design manual, the Grand Domestic Revolution Handbook offers numerous entries that include case studies, project documentation, ephemera, analysis, and theory generated and collected through the long-term investigative process organized by Casco in collaboration with various practitioners, communities, and organizations. Woven throughout the five chapters as key categories – Domestic Apparatus, Inhabitation, Work at Home, Economy to Oikos, and Neighboring and Organizing – the collection of texts and images constitutes a diverse and sometimes conflicting tapestry of domestic tactics, apparatuses of disruption, and political entanglements to inspire and catalyze GDR practices elsewhere and by anyone who’s interested. If you are interested in this publication, do feel free to send an email to to check availability.

About We Are Here Cooking

We Are Here Cooking, initiated by the Here to Support Foundation, is a cookbook with over 30 recipes from the home countries of members of We Are Here – an organization of refugees who have been collectively struggling for the right to stay in the Netherlands and which also focuses on the discourse that surrounds this struggle – and versions of these recipes they have created to accommodate the Dutch context. The publication also maps out the networks and strategies that helped We Are Here continue to eat and drink, and thereby survive, over the last two years. The cookbook, as the first “product” of We Are Here, will be published in the summer of this year and be launched across the Netherlands.

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