Past Imperfect editorial office

1 October–30 November 2003 / Casco HQ

In October and November, Casco functions as an editorial office, archive and place of production for a publication, which examines the comparisons and differences between artistic practice now, and in the 1960s and ’70s. The publication poses the question to what extent radical choices and events influence the course of (art)history and examines whether these radical events can actually be traced. 

Central to the research is the radical work of little-known artist Lee Lozano (1930-1999). At the start of the 1970s, she decided to gradually – but eventually fully – withdraw from the art world. Her final works were General Strike Piece and Dropout Piece. In the end, she disappeared for ten years and no information has since been unearthed about this period. 

Past Imperfect (working title) is a project by artists Bik Van der Pol. They started their research into Lee Lozano in 2001, occasioned by an exhibition at Büro Friedrich in Berlin. The investigation is set to continue and expand at Casco – radical ideas from the past are linked to those of today. Bik Van der Pol, among other things, show a collection of extreme publications by American publishers Loompanics Unlimited and Breakout Productions. 

The publication launches in August 2004.

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