Alternate Endings, Activist Risings

12 December 2018, 14:00–15:30 / Casco HQ
All videos will be screened with English subtitles.
Screening event of ALTERNATE ENDINGS, ACTIVIST RISINGS, a program of new short videos from six community organizations and collectives as part of A Day With(out) Art

“Watching the videos was a reminder that before there was a medical, governmental, or even artistic response to the AIDS crisis, there was a community activist response. It was people living with illness, their loved ones, and related and concerned communities who were the first to serve as end-of-life doulas, caretakers, peer educators, advocates and witnesses.” 

– A Doula’s Guide to ALTERNATE ENDINGS, ACTIVIST RISINGS by What Would An HIV Doula Do? collective

December 1, 2018 marks the 29th anniversary of Day With(out) Art, a day of action and mourning in response to the AIDS crisis.

As part of Day With(out) Art, Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons joins dozens of art institutions and universities worldwide in hosting a screening event of ALTERNATE ENDINGS, ACTIVIST RISINGS, a program of new short videos from six community organizations and collectives. For the screening event, we provide a resource guide developed by What Would An HIV Doula Do? collective to provide more information and facilitate collective discussion about what we all can do to reduce the harm of HIV and end the AIDS crisis.

Day With(out) Art is organized annually by Visual AIDS to celebrate the lives and achievements of lost colleagues and friends; encourage caring for all people with AIDS; educating diverse publics about HIV infection; and finding a cure. Founded in 1988, Visual AIDS is the only contemporary arts organization fully committed to raising AIDS awareness and creating dialogue around HIV issues today.

From Visual AIDS:

ALTERNATE ENDINGS, ACTIVIST RISINGS is the 29th iteration of Visual AIDS’ longstanding Day With(out) Art project. Highlighting the impact of art in contemporary AIDS activism and advocacy, the program features new short videos from six inspiring community organizations and collectives—ACT UP NY, Positive Women’s Network, Sero Project, The SPOT, Tacoma Action Collective, and VOCAL NY.ALTERNATE ENDINGS, ACTIVIST RISINGS seeks to reflect the persisting urgencies of today’s HIV/AIDS epidemic, including HIV criminalization, Big Pharma, homelessness, and the disproportionate effects of HIV on marginalized communities. At a moment of growing interest in the histories of AIDS activism, ALTERNATE ENDINGS, ACTIVIST RISINGS foregrounds contemporary engagements between activists, artists, and cultural workers on the front lines.

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