Dinner Conversation II: Ayreen Anastas & Rene Gabri

21 November 2013, 19:00–22:00 / Casco HQ
Do let us know whether you will join us so we might prepare a good amount of food! Please send an e-mail to Ying Que.

On Friday 21 November 2013, Casco will continue last March’s dinner conversation with artists Ayreen Anastas and Rene Gabri, where we convene to discuss their research towards Commoning Times, a project at Casco early next year. Engaging with our shared interests, we would like to consider the need and importance to reclaim and reinvent the commons from the perspective of subsistence, bringing us closer to the question of “how to” do “commoning.” It is also an opportunity to deepen the discussion we had last January with scholar and activist Silvia Federici and social and economic history professor Tine De Moor (Revolution at Point Zero) during which definitions of commons were explored based on historical and cross-geographical research. Over the course of this dinner we gather with local communities, initiatives, groups, and individuals dealing with commons on a daily basis: some experiment with alternative modalities in terms of food production through setting up a neighborhood garden, or book distribution in running a political bookstore with volunteers. Other participants are involved in commons-oriented activist practices, while still others live together in alternative ways such as living groups. We thereby gather with people who are both theoretically involved in and actively preserving and generating commons on a daily basis. Connecting with their practices, and those relating to commons elsewhere, we would like to think of the city of Utrecht as an appropriate terrain for building commons.


Dinner Conversation with Ayreen & Rene is organized in the framework of COHAB, a two-year project initiated by Casco, Utrecht; The Showroom, London; and Tensta konsthall, Stockholm. It is realized with the support of Culture Programme of the European Union. Also joined by School of Missing Studies. Casco’s program is supported by Gemeente Utrecht, Mondriaan Fund, and Stichting DOEN.

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