Four Easy Pieces: No. 1 Gat Fog Party

4–5 September 2004 / Casco HQ
No 1.  
Gat Fog Party  
by Marti Guixe
Saturday 4 September, 17:00–20:00  
Sunday 5 September, 14:00–18:00

Catalonian “ex-designer” Marti Guixe will present the Gat Fog Party on 4 and 5 September. An artificial cloud of gin and tonic will pervade the Casco space, literally transgressing the distinction between looking and consuming.  Marti Guixe, originally a product designer, dislikes objects and specializes in the unconventional design of the non-material. His point of departure is that everything is a form of consumerism: food, the city, landscapes, money, entertainment, communication. In his opinion, consuming has become first nature, so why not take this artificiality as an original source for new design? Guixe became famous as the designer of concept stores for shoe brand Camper and infamous for his development of sponsored foods like the Calvin Klein pizza and the IBM bean. At Casco he will be presenting one of his most extreme designs. Gat Fog Party is at the same time conceptual and real, dissolving the difference between breathing and consuming.


Marti Guixe’s Gat Fog Party is sponsored by Shira Reinka Company.

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