INLAND Nederland Gathering

4 June 2016, 10:00–21:00 / Sonsbeek Park, Arnhem

“on un/common ground”

With contributions by Yvonne Billimore, artist at Scottish Sculpture Workshop, Aberdeenshire; Raphael Daibert, LGBT activist, Free Home University, Lecce and program coordinator of, Sao Paulo; Guus Geurts, a member of VoedselAnders and Platform Aarde Boer Consument, Nijmegen; Helen Kranstauber, curator of Agri Meets Design, Eindhoven; Jan Hartholt, Inspirator of the Rural Development Network; Daan van der Linde, lecturer rural development at International Agrarian University of Applied Sciences Larenstein; Arie Syarifuddin, artist and organizer of Jatiwangi Art Factory; Joran de Boer and Sijas de Groot, artists at Artists Collective PeerGrouP; Alessandra Pomarico, curator of Free Home University, Lecce, and The Common Orchard for Minor Fruits; Erich Rhöse, former representative of the Dutch Shepherds Association, Helmer Wieringa, rural policy and physical planner, and partner of Land & Co. Wageningen and the participants of the INLAND Volume: Publishing Class V of the Dutch Art Institute (2014-2015).

Taking place as part of the Dutch Art Institute’s off-Sonsbeek program during the opening week of SONSBEEK 16: transACTION

Casco, the Dutch Art Institute, and INLAND invite you to the first gathering of INLAND Nederland, the official launch of INLAND in the Netherlands. Initiated by artist Fernando García-Dory, INLAND is a “para-institutional” art praxis that aims to understand and interact with ecological and territorial dynamics between the urban and rural with a particular focus on agro-ecological knowledge, farmer struggles, and art practices in such contexts.

As the first official manifestation and embedding of this practice in the Netherlands, after the introduction of INLAND at Casco last year, the gathering acts as an occasion for the convergence of those who could constitute INLAND Nederland. The aim of which is to collect and draw a topographical survey of urgent INLAND questions pertaining to sites specific to the Netherlands.

In this context, the current participant artists of the INLAND class at DAI will share their artistic research both in individual and collective forms throughout the gathering. The gathering will also be a celebratory moment to launch the publication INLAND Volume: Publishing Class V, where case studies of various rural-cultural actions taking place across the world are filed. The publication is the outcome of the class led by Casco and INLAND at DAI last year, in collaboration with Werkplaats Typografie.

We are excited to present you with the detailed programme and contributors:

MORNING SESSION, Stadstuin Kweekland, Arnhem

10:00–10:30 hrs: Introduction to the gathering and to INLAND Nederland by Fernando García-Dory
10:30–11:30 hrs: Roundtable discussion
11:30–13:00 hrs: Working groups; discussion on how INLAND Nederland could engage with these issues
13:00–13:30 hrs: Presentations by plenary and working groups


15:00–15:30 hrs: Summary of morning session by INLAND Nederland and Fernando García-Dory
15:30–17:00 hrs: Presentations by INLAND friends from Italy and Scotland, and Jatiwangi Art Factory, Indonesia
17:00–18:00 hrs: Launch of the open call for artists and locations for INLAND Nederland and plenary discussion
18:00–20:00 hrs: Collective artistic contribution by INLAND Class participants
20:00–21:00 hrs: Dinner and launch of INLAND Volume: Publishing Class V

Individual artistic contributions by the INLAND Class participants will be on view throughout the afternoon session.

Please note that while the afternoon session in Sonsbeek Park is open to the public, the morning session at Stadstuin Kweekland and the dinner are by registration only. We invite you to register and check updates in the program.



Convened by artist Fernando García-Dory, a collaboration between INLAND, Casco, and Dutch Art Institute (DAI)

Casco’s program is made possible with financial support from the City Council of Utrecht, Mondriaan Fund and DOEN Foundation. Casco works as part of Arts Collaboratory.

This activity is part of:

Examines the role of territories, geopolitics, culture and identity in the relationship between the city and the countryside today.

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